Developer guide


Ant4x is a Java project, managed with:

Quick steps:

  • download and install Mercurial
  • checkout ant4x:
    • anonymously : hg clone ant4x-hgroot
    • or with a read/write access by creating a sourceforge account and asking for commit rights
  • download and install your favorite IDE, for example Eclipse IDE for Java Developers,
  • configure project (eclipse quick steps):
    • open eclipse ide and select workspace: path/to/ant4x parent dir
    • set:
      Project name = ant4x
      [*] use default location
      Default output folder = ant4x/dev/.build
    • click next
    • set:
      Source = dev/src/java
      Librairies = ANT_HOME/ant.jar, ANT_HOME/ant-launcher.jar, ANT_HOME/ant4x.jar
    • click finish
  • download and install Maven


Quick steps:

  • cd dev
  • mvn package

copy dev/target/ant4x-jar-with-dependancies to ANT_HOME/lib/ant4x.jar


Write your own tasks.
See: ant tutorial.